Is tooth powder safe for kids? 

Yes. Everything in our tooth powder is edible, so it’s safe even if they swallow it. Just make sure the powder is a little wet so kids don’t accidentally inhale it. 

Do I still need toothpaste? 

No. Gaia Smiles tooth powder completely replaces your conventional toothpaste! 

Is there fluoride in this toothpaste? 

The trace amounts of fluoride present in natural clays are the only source of fluoride you’ll find in Gaia Smiles! 

Why is it a powder?

We are intentional about the ingredients we use. A powder form allows us to extend our product’s shelf life without preservatives or stabilizers. It also means every ingredient in your tooth powder has a job directly related to caring for your teeth! No fillers here. 

Why should I choose tooth powder over toothpaste?

Gaia Smiles tooth powder is designed with only whole, ethically sourced, organic ingredients that work. Together, the beneficial ingredients inside each jar help to: provide minerals to saliva; support enamel growth and protection; provide bioavailable calcium to feed white teeth from the inside out; alkalize the mouth to create a hospitable environment for only beneficial bacteria; and block plaque’s communication, preventing build-up and bad breath.

Why doesn't it foam? 

The foam you’re used to in toothpaste is due to a chemical called SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The sole purpose of SLS is to enhance the brushing experience. SLS has no flavour or health benefits but has been shown to irritate skin and the delicate membranes in our eyes, mouths, and respiratory tracts. It’s highly processed and derived from petroleum, palm, or coconut oils. SLS is also toxic to aquatic animals (every chemical we use eventually ends up back in our water). 

In natural toothpastes, glycerine (or castile soap) creates the foamy texture you know and love. While glycerine is safe and generally less processed (often sourced from vegetable oils - easy enough to do at home), it creates a barrier over the sponge-like texture of your teeth. This prevents your teeth from absorbing your saliva’s nutrients and attracts plaque-causing bacteria. Save glycerine for awesome at-home cleaning and skin care products. Stick to what works for your mouth. 

Will it whiten my teeth?

No chemical whiteners here! Many people find that their teeth appear whiter after a few weeks with Gaia Smiles. We can thank the tooth powder’s high mineral content (which helps to provide minerals to our saliva, which protects our teeth).  Enamel is naturally clear, so true white teeth come from within.  

Clay and calcium provide mild abrasive action - enough to remove daily build-up and dislodge debris on your teeth, but not abrasive enough to remove long-term stains or damage enamel with daily use. Tooth powder is gentle, so it’s a wonderful complement to at-home or professional whitening treatments. 

In short, tooth powder helps you maintain a bright white smile.

Why doesn't it taste or feel like my tooth paste? 

‘Natural’ is a tired claim, but we’re serious about it. Tooth powder looks, tastes, and feels different because it is. Every ingredient is natural and edible, made of ingredients you might actually like to put in your mouth twice a day every day. 

It might take some getting used to, but you’ll feel the difference tooth powder makes for your mouth’s health. Don’t believe me? Use it for a few days, then switch back to your conventional toothpaste and notice how your mouth feels throughout the day. 

It’s a bit like kicking sugar. At first it’s hard, but once you’re used to it, you’ll wonder why you took so long to make the switch. 

How long will my product take to ship?

Gaia Smiles ships in 1-3 days. You’ll receive a tracking code to check your package’s location and estimated arrival time.

Where do you ship to? 

Anywhere in Canada or the US. 

Can I place a wholesale order? 

Heck yes! Shoot us a message at for wholesale pricing and we’ll make sure it’s a good fit. 

We’re also available through Locale Beauty Distribution, a fantastic option if you have a retail location you’d love to fill with natural beauty products!

Where are you stocked?

Check out our retailers here.

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🚛 FREE Shipping On All Orders Above $60.00 🚛