How to Savour Your Coffee

How to Savour Your Coffee

How to Savour Your Coffee

(Without Sacrificing Your Smile!) 

No shade, but coffee really isn’t an asset to your smile. In a cruel twist of fate, the ubiquitous beverage contains tannins, which cause colour compounds to stick to your teeth. Other popular options, like tea and wine, share the same sob story. I know what you’re thinking: you shouldn’t have to kick your drink of choice to the curb in the name of oral health. We agree! So, here are some ways you can enjoy your daily cuppa and prevent unsightly stains at the same time.

Use a straw! 

Silicon straws are easy on the teeth, reusable, and often come in adorable bright colours. So even if it’s a weird adjustment, at least you can coordinate your straw with your outfit! Drinking hot coffee through a straw takes some getting used to, but it beats spending a fortune on tooth whitening products.  

Rinse with water.

This is a good practice for your entire body. Water helps to rinse away any coffee residue hanging out on your teeth, and it also helps to rehydrate after a cup of the world’s most beloved diuretic. 


40% of your tooth surface is only reachable with floss, so buckle down, grab some string, and dig in. The shy parts of your teeth are just as valuable and worthy as the extroverted parts! 


Every so often, brush with activated charcoal to remove surface stains and boost your shine. The charcoal absorbs tannins and other mouth toxins too. 

Follow a few of these steps consistently, and you will see a difference in your smile’s appearance! If you follow all the steps daily, cup o’ joe in hand, and your caffeine addiction will be like a well-kept secret.

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